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Peter Banks
Hill House
Hill of Allen, Naas
Co. Kildare  W91 KD9F





+353 (85) 120 6800

Peter Banks was originally born in London, England in 1958. Having originally studied law, in 1982 over a weekend reading a computer user manual he 'discovered' his true calling - and as they say 'the rest is history'. He spent over 10 years working in the City of London as a Technical Consultant specialising in Network Security.

Being married in 1989 to a Liberties colleen, he ‘retired’ back to Ireland and has spent the last 25 years working in Computer Consultancy and Support Services. He is now semi-retired and devotes most of his time to his website and assisting other Irish entities entering the eCommerce field.

hill-of-allen.jpgHe lives in County Kildare in the middle of the countryside with his wife, two Rescues Ben (a Westie) and Sid (yet another Yorkie) and two Rescue cats Bonnie and Clyde.


Surrounding him is the volcanic and beautiful Hill of Allen with Roadstone on the other side of the hill dynamiting this mythological historic site into future oblivion.

Having had dogs in the family for over thirty-five years, he finally decided he had the “right credentials” to actually write about his experiences and to debunk what he considers the inept Training techniques the so-called ‘pet professionals’ were promoting. Thus the idea of setting up a purely dog-related website was formed in late 2002; the hugely successful www.IrishDogs.ie website which receives some TWO Hundred Thousand unique visitors yearly.

He has always promoted responsible dog ownership, breeding and positive training techniques and firmly believes that the Pet Food industry really isn’t advancing the welfare of animals rather than advancing its own profits.


Sadly, he receives several 'phone calls a month from parents or sufferers of some form of 'mental disability' enquiring as to the ability to register their dog as a Companion/Assistance animal. Such a definition is not enshrined in Irish Law that ONLY recognises the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as a nationally registered disability assistance animal. The only country, possibly in the 1st World, that does not recognise the mental and physical assistance that a dog can provide - a bloody disgrace that our politicians couldn't care less about, nor have made any effort to address despite/inspite of their lip-service to 'Mental Health Awareness'!


In these uncertain days during the COVID-19 pandemic - Support and Buy Irish.


Peter Banks – 2020 – Co. Kildare, Ireland