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Privacy Policy


IrishDogs eStore logs all site visits and transactions.  We collect the same standard stuff: the type of browser you are using, your IP address, ISP domain, time, date, pages viewed, and length of time that you spend visiting our site.  Before you start freaking out -- this data isn't used anywhere but INTERNALLY.  We won't share the specifics with anybody, and we certainly don't care who you are.  Well, so to speak. I mean, we CARE about you, but we don't want to match individual users with their specific Web surfing habits.
On IrishDogs eStore, we only ask for your name and e-mail address.  You don't have to give it to us -- issues can always be viewed via the Web site.  Any information collected will not leave our hands.  People may ask for general numbers, but there's no way we'll give 'em specifics.  We respect your right to electronic anonymity.

IP Freely

We use a visitor's IP address to help diagnose possible problems encountered on our servers.  If there is a future contention, then at least we have records on hand.  An IP address may be used to gather broad demographic information; again, this information is kept internal.  Honestly?  We could care less where you're located on this globe, but our sponsors seem to be attracted to demographic information.  Don't ask us why.  Yell at them, not at us.

Cookie Jar

If you think that turning off banners is going to make the world a better place, you're wrong.  Free services aren't free to everyone. That being said, we are currently using an internal ad server to deliver targeted advertisements via our newsletter. If you catch something.IrishDogs eStore lingering, it's doing nothing more than offering you an image. Awwww... isn't that nice? We thought so.  That I'm aware of, IrishDogs eStore properties don't give you cookies.  You'll have to turn to your grandmother for that kind of service.  Now, from time to time, external organisations may advertise on our properties. If you wish to know who these companies are at any given time, please ask.  They will vary on any given day -- depending on which programs are working better for us.  Third party privacy policies are different from ours, most likely.

If a cookie comes along, believe me -- irishdogs.ie isn't using it for anything and you have our permission to turn them off altogether.  Sometimes we can't get paid unless identifiers are loaded via the Web site or newsletters.  These images are loaded from affiliate sites.

Subscribing Safely

IrishDogs eStore initial registration form requires you to give us YOUR OWN e-mail address. This is used only for the distribution of our e-mail newsletters.  The personal data is never shared with an outside party, and the subscriber database is never used for purposes other than for distributing the newsletter.  We do not purchase outside lists to build the subscriber databases.  You must step through a confirmed opt-in procedure in order to be accepted into our warm, loving family of irishdogs.ie.  That means you have to submit a subscription request and IMMEDIATELY respond to the specially-coded message which the list server sends to the submitted e-mail address.  Make sense?  Okay, just type in your e-mail address, hit the Submit button, check your Inbox in a few minutes, then reply to the confirmation message to be added to the list.  Easy enough?

At any time, you may later review or update the personal information we have collected online from you by contacting us at: subscribe@irishdogs.ie

Unsubscribing Safely

Users may unsubscribe at any time.  The databases for each list are separate.  The user will need to unsubscribe from one or the other (or both) to stop receiving future mailings from our organisation.  To be removed from our databases, one must simply reply to a mailed issue.  If that doesn't work, then he or she can flail over to the Subscriptions page.  Once there, they may change or completely remove their address from our list databases.  The great thing about our list software is the user can see his/her subscribed address -- if someone wishes to be removed from our list, we will take every step necessary to get them removed.

The Missing Link

Our site and newsletter contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these destinations.  If you want to click, it's your choice to click.  Nobody's forcing you to do anything.  Of course, it won't do you much good to go through life without exploring anything new.  C'mon... where's your spirit of adventure?

You've Won

For contests, we may ask visitors for contact information and/or demographic information (postal code, occupation, or interests).  The person's contact information would be used to contact him or her when e-mail does not work.  What do we use this data for?  Well, sometimes sponsors want to know what kind of audience our newsletter tends to attract. We only analyse group numbers -- never singling out an individual's preferences or background.  Isn't that clear yet?

If a particular contest rolls along and these policies change, we'll be sure to note it clearly on the form.

Telling a friend

You will notice that you can 'Tell a friend about IrishDogs eStore' on our site. Rest assured that we do not keep their e-mail address or store it in any way (if they do not subscribe, that is).  The form simply sends them an invitation to join our family of dog lovers.  IP addresses are logged and transferred only to stop possible misuse.

E-mailing Us

When you drop any of us an e-mail, we try to answer it within a 24 hour period.  Unless there happens to be a problem or issue, these messages are treated as confidential.  If a note must be forwarded to another party, the identifying headers are removed beforehand.

The same holds true for every single form found on IrishDogs eStore.

Changes to this policy

If we make any changes to this policy, you will be the first to know; we'll announce any major updates in the newsletter.  Again, we don’t intend on ever sharing your information with a third party; if for some reason we need to do so, you will be contacted directly and asked for your permission.  But, honestly, I'd rather rip out my intestines with a fork.  There, does that make you feel better?  If not, please let me know why.  Knowing that you're safe here.  Knowing that we don't care about you in a very caring way.

Keep In Touch

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the professional practices of IrishDogs eStore, you may contact us:

Hill of Allen
Co. Kildare


Phone us (045) 860921